The massive of Makay , magic & unexploited area where biodiversity gives its immense & spectacular beauty of nature … Situated in the Southwest of Madagascar that shelters a unique massive and biodiversity , full of wildlife and strange landscapes . MAKAY is considered as a last paradise in Madagascar due to its sanctuary of biodiversity in a unique landscape . The canyon attracts scientists , archaeologists and the nature lovers from everywhere . This tour is for someone who enjoy nature and sightseeing & discovery of a new land , camping and tasting local foods meeting local and some traditional house and more…

1/ Airport of Toliara – Mangily ifaty Resort

Transfer to Mangily after your flight and relax on the beach . Night Mangily

2/ Snorkelling – Local park

Walking by pirogue in morning , snorkelling to enjoy the beauty of the sea , or doing other activities such as fishing , Quad trip around the park , baobab visit … You can explore humpback whales from july to septembre in Mangily. Night Mangily

3/ Mangily – Beronono -Makay

Transfer to Beronono and Makay by car , explore some place along the road , traditional house , people lifestyle , landscape… Night Bivouac

4-5-6/ Makay Trekking

You discover a very wonderful less exploited park , the massive of Makay . Makay offers numerous discoveries and home to rare fauna and flora yet preserved such as : Wild lemurs species , crocodiles , bird sp ” perroquet , buses , milans , polyboroides… Rare plants sp as Melia” Lilas” , Cyathere and more… You can enjoy a panoramic view from the crest . Visit caves which shelters fauna and flora including some reptile sp , endemic plant sp … You can explore some canyons , walking along the riverside of sandy beach… The visits include the village of Beronono , Saririaky , forest of Behetaheta… Nights Bivouacs.

7/Makay – Toliara Airport

Transfer to the Airport or relax in the town depending upon your flight time .