Andasibe is a must see destination of Antananarivo , around 03hrs by car , exceptional nature to be discovered and home to rare fauna and flora of the country . Andasibe is a perfect option before Nosy Soa ” A sunny spot of total peace and calm , where you can encounter various endemic species of animals and trees.

1/ Tana – Peyriera Reserve – Andasibe

Transfer to andasibe in the morning and visit the reserve of Pyeriera to see some rare preserved endemic fauna and flora including lezard sp , chameleon sp , butterfly sp , snake sp , and more… Visit the reserve of Vakona in the afternoon to some lemurs sp , crocodiles , bird sp , endemic plants.

Night Andasibe

2/ Andasibe National Park

Full day visit of the park ” Andasibe Mantadia ” This park is home to several species of lemurs including the biggest lemur sp ” Indry Indry ” and other endemic animals .

Night Andasibe

3/ Andasibe – Andriamamovoka hiking

Hiking to Ecotouristic site of Andriamamivoka , waterfall , endemic bird sp and other fauna – flora .

Night Mantasoa

4/ Nosy Soa Reserve

Half day visit of this area by boat along the river … This site has 30 species of flowers , 175 sp of orchids , 05sp of snake , tortoise sp ,07 sp of lemur and numerous bird sp. Relax on the river beach after the visit , enjoy your peace and calm area around .

Night Mantasoa

5/ Mantasoa – Tana / Airport

Transfer to Tana in the morning and relax or to the airport straight away depending upon your flight time…

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