1/ Tana – Antsirabe

Transfer to Antsirabe by car

  Night Antsirabe

2/ Antsirabe – Morondava

Transfer to Morondava in the morning

Visit the avenue of baobab in the afternoon and sunset through the baobab lane

Night Morondava Hotel

3 /4/5 Tsiribihina river exploration

Descending the Tsiribihina river is a popular trip and also adventures .This river trip can discover fauna and flora very rich.

The trip takes 03 days and 02 nights in the bivouac.

Night Bivouacs

Transfer to Bemaraha National Park after  Tsiribihina visit.

6/ National Park of Bemaraha

Full day trekking to the tsingy of bemaraha including the vazimba cave, the grand tsingy and petit tsingy with sunset.

Night Bemaraha

7/ Bemaraha – Kirindy Mitea

Visit the Reserve of Kirindy, where you can see near the animal species of endemic of Madagascar including fosa sp , nocturn lemur species and above all the mythical tree…

Night Kirindy hotel

8 /Kirindy – Belo Sur Mer-  Andavadoaka

Transfer to Belo Sur Mer and Andavadoaka afterward.

Night Andavadoaka

9 /Andavadoaka

Relax on the beach or exchange of experience every day life in a remote coastal village… Pirogue trip in the afternoon to visit marine reserve.

Night Andavadoaka

10/ Andavadoaka – Toliara

Transfer to Toliara in the morning and relax in the afternoon.

 Night Toliara Hotel

11 /Toliara-Ranohira Isalo N .P

Transfer to Ranohira by car in the morning and visit the Isalo museum in the afternoon.

Night Ranohira Hotel

12 Isalo National Park

Visit Isalo National Park in the morning and sunset through the window of Isalo in the afternoon .

Picnic in the Park

Night Isalo Hotel

13 /Isalo – Ambalavao

Transfer to Ambalavao in the morning and relax in the afternoon

Night Ambalavao Hotel

14 Ambalavao – Andringitra N .P

Trekking to Andringitra NP/Circuit of imarivohitra Pic boby , Naturel swimming pool , rare palm trees , wonderful landscape

Night bivonac Andringitra

15-Andringitra – Ambalavao- Tana

Transfer to Ambalavao and Tana fullday

Night tana hotel