Madagascar Is the fourth largest island of the world situated off the south east coast of Africa , opposite mozambique , in the western indian ocean. This red island is a home to a remarkable diversity of plants and animals. This biological wealth is found in many diffent types o habitats from the lush rain forests of the masoala region and in some part of Nosy be in the north west, to the dry forests near Morondava and Mahajanga, to the sping bush of the Toliara region.The vast majority of the organisation living in these naturel forests types are endemic to Madagascar, That is to say that they occur no where else in the world. This world famous diversity is the patrimony of the Malagasy people. Around 90 of the the species here are unfound nowhere else on earth , including the country is flagship species, lemurs species , chameleons species and the unusual baobab trees are highly iconic of this country ,,,,,
The scientists have discovered new species in Madagascar up to this day .
This island is often called magical or the eighth continent in recognition of its amaging biodeversity and unigness.

The Origin of Madagascar :

Over the past two thousand years , the island has received waves of settlers of diverse origins including Austronesia , Bantu , Arab ,South Asian , Chinese and European. The majority of the Malagasy population is a mixture of those mentionned origins above.

The Language and Tribes :

Malagasy language comes from the combination of the Malayo-indonesian , Arabic swahili languages and some dialect and literal translation of french and english languages. There are 18 tribes in the country , each of them speaks their own dialects .
Nevertheless , Malagasy people understand each other through their official language

Culture of Madagascar :

The culture reflects the origins of the people in south east of Asia and east Africa. Tge influence of Arabs , Indians , British , French and Chinese settlers is also evident.
Malagasy people are known for their pacifism and their great tolerance , respect the elders. However , they set a high value on ways and customs especial’y those who live in the village and respect of taboos and interdicts engage their every day life.
Malagasy traditional music is similar to the western operetta . It is special thanks to its humour and moralizing themes, most of times it playes in the street and in the show site ..