Morondava Destination

Fantastic landscape , deciduous dry forest and divers fauna and flora along the vastness of the west , grassy savanna . You will enjoy the majesty of tsiribihina river through Manambolo , the mistery of its gorge up to the real world of Tsingy of Bemaraha . It is spectacular !

1/ Tana – Morondava by flight

Transfer to your hotel from the Airport and visit the avenue of Baobab . Nocturn visit at the reserve of Kirindy . Night Kirindy Hotel

2/Kirindy – Masiakampy

Transfer to Masiakampy in the morning and there you can meet your boat ..

Night Bivouac

3-4/ Tsiribihina river – Manambolo

Balading along the river by boat or dugout canoe , showcases of pallet of landscapes , gorges , and canyons . This trip can give you more opportunities to see some various landscapes , grassy savanna , luxuriance of vegetation where you encounter lemur species such as propitheque of verreaux / fulvus lemur sp , very rare pygargue of Madagascar or Ankoay , some parrots sp , and more… Enjoy your relax at the natural swimming pool and you can meet some lemur sp around that pool .

Night Bivouacs

5/Manambolo – Tsingy

Transfer to the Tsingy of Bemaraha early in the morning , and visit the tsingy . Tsingy of Bemaraha , classified as a world heritage site , deciduous forest rich in bird species that includes wood rail or Canirallus kioloides sp , home to lemur sp such as white lemur or propithecus deckeni , the fosa sp … Visit the vazimba cave and some more…

Night Morondava

6/ Morondava – Antsirabe – Tana

Transfer to Antsirabe early in the morning and tana afterward …A long transfer .

Night Tana …

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