Nosy Be Destination

Nosy Be is surrounded by some islands which make it wonderful view in the country. Nosy Komba and Nosy Tanikely are among the best parks because of their natural reserve of fauna and flora including lemur species and some attractive rare animals and reef underwater… Snorkelling with some colourful fishes and turtles plus humpback whales are a life experience !

1/ Airport – Ambatoloaka

Transfer to your Hotel near the beach and relax or doing balad by pirogue .

Night Hotel

2/ Ambatoloaka – Nosy Komba – Nosy Tanikely

Transfer to Fishermen village by car and by boat to Nosy Komba. Explore the park including its fauna and fauna , the lemur forest … Visit the market of handcrafts near by for your souvenirs and pictures .. In the afternoon , transfer to Nosy Tanikely for snorkelling and diving into the natural wildlife marine species … Picnic in the park at noon based on grilled meat , sea food and vegetable..

Night Ambatoloaka

3/ Ambatoloaka – Lokobe

Transfer by car and by Canoe to Lokobe reserve , you can discover its wonderful wildlife including lemur species , frog species , lizard sp , Boa Manditre sp and the tiniest chameleon sp , bird sp … You can visit the forest , ylang ylang plantation , mangrove and more … It is a wonderful destination for the nature lovers !!

Hotel Ambatoloaka

4/ Ambatoloaka – Lemuria Land – Hell ville

Visit Lemuria land to explore some wild animals and ylang ylang distillation which shows you some stages of essential oil manufacture … Visit the hell ville town afterward , to see the varieties of vegetable fruits and some souvenirs left by the colonial era … Night Ambatoloaka

5/ Nosy be – Airport

Transfer to nosy be airport according to your flight time

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