High  light

1- Tana – Andasibe

Transfer to ANDASIBE in the morning.

Explore some reserve along the road including nocturn visit in andasibe.

Night Andasibe

2- Andasibe  National park

Visit the circuit of Indry Indry, Brown lemurs, lizards, chameleons and some birds species

Visit the Vakona Reserve in the afternoon

Night Andasibe

3 /4  Andasibe – Manambato – Ankanin’ny Nofy

Ankanin’ny Nofy where you travel by boat and following Pangalana channel to explore the landscape of the country, river birds, pictures lake side are surrounded by mountainous forestial place.

Night Ankanin’ny Nofy

5- Ankanin’ny Nofy- Andavaranto « boat »

Full day visit in the park of Palmarium, it is considered the best park  around this area.

Night Andavaranto

6- Andavaranto- Vatomandry « boat »

Visit the embouchure « «river side » and the town of vatomandry including beach relax .

Night Vatomandry

7- Vatomandry-Mahanoro « boat »

Transfer to Mahanoro and free day relax on the beach .

Night Mahanoro

8- Mahanoro-Mahambo- sainte Marie

Transfer to Mahambo and ferry to saint Marie, you have an advantage of  sightseeings between july to october month as this period belong to the time of whales around the sea in madagascar.

Night Sainte Marie

9-Sainte Marie

Full day marine activity including of observation of whales, diving and swimming.

Night Sainte Marie

10- sainte Marie– Iles Aux Nattes

Transfer to Ile Aux Nattes by traditional boat . It is the best place where you can explore the tropical flora of Madagascar, white sand and beach- wonderful lagoon.

Night Ile Aux Nattes

11- Ile Aux Nattes

Day free in Ile Aux Nattes with beach and volunteer activity .

Night Ile Aux Nattes

12- Ile Aux Nattes- Sainte Marie-Tana

Transfer to Sainte Marie and flight to Tana

Night Tana