-Transfer from Tananarivo to Toliara by flight

Night Toliara Hotel


-Transfer to Andavadoaka by car and it takes some hours transfert through difficulty road

Visit some baobab species along the road including the tortoise and reserve of reniala at Mangily Ifaty….

Night Andavadoaka Hotel

3- Andavadoaka

-Pirogue trip and snorkelling at Nosy fasy or while watching trip « seasonal »and picnic lunch on island.

Night hotel of Andavadoaka

4 Andavadoaka

Sunrise mangrove walk and swim , picnic lunch on Island sundowner trek in the baobab afternoon.

Night hotel of Andavadoaka

5- Andavadoaka-Toliara

Transfer to Toliara in the morning and relax in your hotel.

Toliara Night Hotel

6- Toliara-Zombitse NP Ranohira

Transfer to  Zombitse National Park in the morning, you can enjoy many facial expressions of a browsing wild in the park including verreaux  sifaka species and some endemic birds such as Bernieria apperti-species.

Picnic in the park .

Night Hotel of Ranohira

7-8-Isalo National Park

Visit Isalo National Park fullday trekking…….the visit includes founa and flora, landscape and enjoying some colourful natural swimming pools, sunset through the window of Isalo ,Isalo museum.

Night Isalo Hotel

9-10- Isalo – Traranoro Valley

Trekking to the Valley of Tsaranoro « 850 Alt » , you can see the village of Morarano from above……the massive of Tsararano  , rice fields, the cliff  of Tsaranoro ……

Night Hotel Tsaranoro

11-Tsaranoro-Ambalavao-Anja Reserve

Transfer to Ambalavao in the morning- and trekking to Anja reserve.  Anja is a home to catta lemur species and other endemic species  mountainous site. Visit Antemoro paper and silk cloth company.

Night Ambalavao

12-Ambalavao – antoetra – Zafimaniry

Transfer Antoetra Zafimaniry. Zafimaniry is a sub-Group of the betsileo ethnic group of Madagascar. They live in the forested mountain of the southern central high lands southeast of Ambositra.They are known for their wood carving knowledge and art, which was added in 2003 to UNESCO’S list o world’s intangible cultural heritage .

Night Antoetra


Full day trekking around Antoetra and exchange culture with the population in thid area

Night Antoetra

14-Antoetra – Antsirabe

Transfer to Antsirabe in the morning

City tour in the afternoon including precious stone workshop, art gatteries

Night Antsirabe

15-Tritriva lake

-Visit the tritriva lake in the morning by bike….this is an old volcanic crater which has a lot o taboors by its legends

Night Antsirabe Hotel

16-Antsirabe- Tana

Transfer to Antananarivo in the morning, relax in the afternoon or flight home.