Madagascar Tourist Destination ~ A Place Like No Other!!!

warm greetings to you all, all over the globe. we are jubilantly here to share with you some rip-roaring and thrilling news about the majestic and magnificent as well as enthralling Madagascar Tourist Destination. Eg: Morondava Tourist Destination is located in Madagascar (a beautiful country and island of the east coast of Africa), about four-hour drive from the country’s, Antananarivo. Whether you are in Africa, Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Oceania, Australia, Caribbean archipelago, or elsewhere in the globe these exciting news are for you. Morondava Tourist Destination is an appropriate and suitable place for you to tour/visit because it is a place like no other.

Forgetting everything else ~there is finally a marvelous destination~ Morondava Tourist Destination!! It offers a wide range of high-quality, standard, and affordable recreational activities and facilities. Among them is camping, cruising, wildlife viewing, landscape (scenic) viewing, and wedding and parties venues. Standard accommodation and hotel facilities are available too. Morondava Tourist Destination offers you what makes you unique: happiness.

The majestic Tsiribihina River at Morondava Tourist Destination offers many exciting recreational facilities. Recreational activities, such as cruising, swimming, fishing, to mention but a few, are the order of the day at this wonderful river. For those who love cruising Tsiribihina River is an ideal place for you. The cruising equipment , such as motored boats, and canoes, are always there for you. The fresh atmosphere and beautiful landscape at Tsiribihina River makes the place a real wonder. In simple terms, I am saying to all water lovers and adventurers the magnificent Tsiribihina River is waiting for you!!

Sail through the emerald sea off the north coast. Relax on the best beach in the country , turquoise cristal water which has been enjoyed by the most tourists from afar …It is a home to valuable plants in the island including vanilla , ylang ylang , coffee…
Around Nosy Be , you can swim along side whale sharks and various fauna in the sea , different islets and their particularties  , that is why this country is surnamed a natural aquarium.
Exploring their wonderful coral reefs and their exceptional biodiversities …
The majesty of Sambirano river ,its landscape , various fauna and flora …
Sainte Marie , you can explore and enjoy the best beach of Sainte Marie , the île aux nattes and its natures .
It is the greatest place for the whales watchers and swimmers in the world . To day , you are invited to participate with this discovery and you would have an unforgetable memory in life.
Sainte Marie has full of historic sites including the first catholic church in the country and the pirate cimeteries…
So Madagascar must be your best adventure which you have never met before in life including , jumping in volcanic lake Tritriva in the south west central highlands.
Explore bat caves and discover endemic wildlife in Ankarana .
Spend a relaxing weekend in Fort Dauphin , a beach town on the south eastern coast .
Collect eggshells of elephant birds , the largest birds to ever walk the earth along a remote beach in Faux Cap.
Climb 2,658meters to the top of the island’s highest accessible peak in Andringitra .
Take a stroll through historic old city in Fianarantsoa..

Toliara is situated in the southwest of the country surnamed the island of a sun .
It is a home to baobab species and other aquatic bird sp.
You enjoy your life in doing snorkelling , whale watching trip , sundowner in the baobab forests …
Experience everyday life in a remote coastal village in exchanging cultures , way of living including some activities with local population ..
It is a full life experience , isn’t it ?