Toliara offers striking images of light and shadows , of people and their villages , of landscapes , of plants , of spiny forest , of pale colours and of dry smell. The coast of sand dunes , bays and coral reefs , belong to the vezo fisher people , masters with colourful pirogues. The south is different from the other regions by its climate of hot and dry and its original lifestyle…

1/ Toliara Airport – Hotel near the beach

Transfer to your hotel after the flight . Relax on the beach and swim

Night Ankilibe

2/ Ankilibe – Ankoronga – Sarodrano

Visit the village of Ankoronga in the morning . This village is rich to diverse cultures that offers you a festive welcome and it’s a great opportunity to visit their local handcrafts , entertain with population of this area… You can visit the Mountain of Andatabo ” table Mountain ” (390°) , give wonderful panoramic views of Toliara lagoon , landscape … Explore the medicinal and endemic plantation and the worshop of Ze Mitako Ro Tea for their construction of pirogue and zebu cart… In the afternoon , explore the mangrove by pirogue and the workshop of Miray ; Hats , winnow , basket , sea shell necklace , construction of pirogues …

Night Ankilibe

3/ Ankilibe – Sarodrano

Go for ornithologic tour early in the morning around the Mangrove by pirogue , wonderful landscape and the cave of Sarodrano where you can bath in the natural swimming pool and relax … Visit the forest of Moringa after picnic lunch and to the village of Saridrano in the afternoon .

Night Ankilibe

4/ Ankilibe – Sainte Augustin -Lavenombato

Transfer to Sainte Augustin in the morning , the magnificent bay and their colourful pirogues along the beach .. Hiking to some islands near by to explore their natural surroundings.

Trip by pirogue to the source of Andoharano , rich to aquatic species such as flamingos , vanga chambert , sakalava weaver and souimanga… Visit some fisher villages along the river of Onilahy by pirogue. Go for Avifauna circuit and do some plantation reserve at la pépiniere … Lunch à la paillot

Night Sainte Augustin

5/ Sainte Augustin – Anakao

Transfer to Anakao by boat or pirogue and snorkelling at nosy ve . Nosy ve is a wonderful place for divers and bird lovers … In the afternoon relax on the beach

Night Anakao

6/ Anakao – Toliara – Airport

Transfer to Toliara by boat and to the Airport by car ….

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