Makay is one of the best park of Madagascar situated in the southwest part of the country in the surface of more than 4000km square and among the 25 hotspots of biodiversities of the world. Home to multitude endemic species of the island, a real monument of nature. A team of scientists discovered what may be the most ancient petroglyphs in the island , many caves and rocks shelters of the massive. It is a hidden treasure of the sanctuary…

1/Tana – Airport of Toliara – Mangily ifaty Resort

Transfer to Mangily after your flight and relax on the beach .

Night Mangily

2/ Snorkelling – Local park

Walking by pirogue in morning , snorkelling to enjoy the beauty of the sea , or doing other activities such as fishing , Quad trip around the park , baobab visit … You can explore humpback whales from july to septembre in Mangily.

Night Mangily

3/ Mangily – Beronono -Makay

Transfer to Beronono and Makay by car , explore some place along the road , traditional house , people lifestyle , landscape…

Night Bivouac

4-5-6/ Makay Trekking

You discover a very wonderful less exploited park , the massive of Makay . Makay offers numerous discoveries and home to rare fauna and flora yet preserved such as : Wild lemurs species , crocodiles , bird sp ” parrot , buses , milans , polyboroides… Rare plants sp as Melia” Lilas” , Cyathere and more… You can enjoy a panoramic view from the crest . Visit caves which shelters fauna and flora including some reptile sp , endemic plant sp … You can explore some canyons , walking along the riverside of sandy beach… The visits include the village of Beronono , Saririaky , forest of Behetaheta…

Nights Bivouacs.

7/Makay – Toliara Airport

Transfer to the Airport or relax in the town depending upon your flight time .

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